GNU Screen For Serial Null Modem Connections

JUST LEANED THE obvious today. Screen does null modem connections too.

At work I’ve been struggling with minicom. One thing that especially annoys me, it that it clears all text history when minimizing or resizing the VMware window. When I finally had had enough and googled for a replacement, I stumbled upon this blog entry using-gnu-screen-as-terminal-emulator .

Doh!. Should have known. Of course it does. Screen rocks!

First Day At Bang & Olufsen

TODAY WAS THE first day of my new job as a software developer at Bang & Olufsen.


Its been three great, but busy, years at Ericsson Diax in Struer, Denmark as a software developer where I’ve been involved in development of both POTS systems as well as cutting edge IP-DSLAM technology.

I changed job because Bang & Olufsen had some very interesting development tasks to offer. So now I an naturally very exited by this new job and on my upcoming tasks. However I’m sure that the future will bring many challenging tasks that will stretch my abilities to the max, but that will be part of the fun :-)

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