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Why Lambda?

I HAVE BEEN reading up on Python programming lately (more on that in a later post). I’ve now been introduced to anonymous functions. In Python, anonymous functions are available using the lambda keyword. Anonymous functions are great, but I think the Lua syntax for anonymous functions is superior to the syntax adopted in Python. A…

Help On Python Regular Expressions

REGULAR EXPRESSIONS ARE a powerful friend, but the friendship doesn’t come easy. Regular expressions can be somewhat baffling getting a grasp on, but when finally understood, the possibilities are almost endless. When developing the searching expression used in HTML Parsing With Beautiful Soup I realized that my regular expression knowledge had gotten a bit rusty….

HTML Parsing With Beautiful Soup

BEAUTIFUL SOUP IS an HTML/XML parser written in Python. Beautiful Soup excels as an easy to use parser that requires no knowledge of actual parsing theory and techniques. And thanks to the excellent documentation with many code examples, it is easy to fabricate some working code very quickly. On Debian, Beautiful Soup can be install…