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Debian On Macbook

LIBERATED AT LAST. No more torment and self-punishment of using Mac OS X. I finally caved and wiped the Apple operating system from my Macbook and installed Debian and KDE 4. Sweet. For a long time I’ve been reluctant to wipe the Mac OS X. I wouldn’t just give up on Mac OS X that…

Krusader On Mac OS X

HAVING GROWN UP using Norton Commander for DOS, Total Commander on Windows and Midnight Commander and Krusader on Linux, its hard, if not impossible, to do work without a proper Norton Commander clone. This is true, especially on Mac OS. The standard file tools in Mac OS X are useless compared to the mentioned tools….

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

IT IS EASY to see why people really love their MacBooks. These computers are sleek and run a cool operating system. I also really love my MacBook that I bought at TheCamp 2007, just from the fact that its killing me! Where feasible I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse navigation, but on…