SO WHAT IS more annoying than having to listen to a constant high pitch noise at work all day? Having to listen to two high pitch noises at work all day!.

My Lenovo T61p laptop at work emits a terrible high pitch noise. The level of the noise varies depending on the running configuration of the computer. When not in the port replicator the noise level is just ridiculous high. Installing the laptop into the port replicator reduces the level a bit, but the noise is still unbearable irritating. Eventually I’ve ended up running with the lid down and using only an external monitor. The noise is less audible this way, but still irritating. I’m still waiting on the IT department to take action on this.

The second source of a high pitch noise was from my Logitech Mx518 mouse. With the noise from the laptop, it went a while before I realized that the mouse was also emitting a high pitch noise. Today I finally received a replacement mouse, a Logitech G5 Laser mouse. But guess what… that also emits a high pitch noise. Bummer. Two broken mouses in a row. Well, apparently this is a familiar issue with Logitech mouses.

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