MICROSOFT WORD 2007 was in todays pool of software upgrades at work. Our previous edition of Word was the 2003 edition, and I must say that the UI and MMI has been changed to a whole new concept. It looks fine and all. And its actually pretty easy to navigate the new “Ribbon”, but the direct keyboard shortcuts are not visible in the (non-existing) menu’s anymore – so I forget them.

Complementary to the normal direct shortcuts, Microsoft has introduced a feature known from e.g. both the Opera and Konquerer browsers. When pressing the Alt key, every menu, group and function gets assigned one or more keys which activates the item… wait. That sounds familiar…

Skimming though Microsoft’s Word 2007 navigation tutorial a funny quote emerges: “In other words, you need to get out of text entry mode and into command mode.

That sounds like something taken right out of the Vi/Vim manuallol.

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OrergyTypossy · 2008-08-03 at 8:11

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