Monthly archives: March, 2008

Krusader On Mac OS X

HAVING GROWN UP using Norton Commander for DOS, Total Commander on Windows and Midnight Commander and Krusader on Linux, its hard, if not impossible, to do work without a proper Norton Commander clone. This is true, especially on Mac OS. The standard file tools in Mac OS X are useless compared to the mentioned tools….

NULL Is No Obstacle For Tiesto

IT MIGHT BE that Chuck Norris and RMS got some skills, but Tiesto – he performs even in those undefined places of NULL pointers. Metaphysical respect.

Core Python Programming

I CONSIDER MYSELF at beginner level on Python programming. I’ve played with Python before at a very basic level, but my experience is, that to really learn a programming language, you have to get a book written by a writer that knows the language well. Looking around the world wide web, the Core Python Programming…

Why Lambda?

I HAVE BEEN reading up on Python programming lately (more on that in a later post). I’ve now been introduced to anonymous functions. In Python, anonymous functions are available using the lambda keyword. Anonymous functions are great, but I think the Lua syntax for anonymous functions is superior to the syntax adopted in Python. A…

2008 Formula 1 Season Started

THE 2008 F1 season finally started with the opening race in Australia. Given the new significant ruleset restrictions like mandatory gearbox reuse and no traction control, the progress of the first race was anybody guess. With only six cars finishing, the race might not give the best grounds for comparing the strength of the teams….

OpenSuse Network Configuration Problems

YAST MAY BE a powerful tool, but sometimes Suse and OpenSuse still manage to screw up their configuration so not even Yast can rectified the situation. We use Suse and OpenSuse at work, and twice I’ve experienced that the network configuration cannot recover from a netcard being changed. During boot an error message “eth0 renamed…

Warlords II, Flashback and Abuse Revisited

THE TITLE FOR this post could almost as well have been “Warlords II, Flashback, Abuse and How I Spent My Youth“. Well, perhaps not really; I did play a lot of other games too :-D. When I think of great games I played in my long “carrier” of PC days, those three games I’ve always…

Peter Falk – Just One More Thing

PETER FALK IS one of my favorite actors, especially in the character of genius detective, Lieutenant Columbo. The book Just One More Thing – Stories From My Life is the self biography of Peter Falk. It is wonderfully is written in an easy readable and informal language that is sprinkled with a lot of humor….