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The Word And The Void By Terry Brooks

TERRY BROOKS NOVEL series “The Word And The Void” is a trilogy telling the story of Nest Freemark and John Ross fighting the battle against evil daemons. He is not an author I’ve read anything off before, nor is the urban fantasy my favorite genre, but when I by chance discovered this trilogy collection book,…

Peter Falk – Just One More Thing

PETER FALK IS one of my favorite actors, especially in the character of genius detective, Lieutenant Columbo. The book Just One More Thing – Stories From My Life is the self biography of Peter Falk. It is wonderfully is written in an easy readable and informal language that is sprinkled with a lot of humor….


THE BOOK DYSTOPIA is perhaps the best book I’ve ever read. It’s written by productive Danish writer, director and screenwriter Dennis Jürgensen. I am not aware of any English translations, so any non-danish readers are imho robbed of a great read. In the land of Tarakinien the people of the Blue clan and the Black…