I AM CONTEMPLATING using a scripting language for a small project. In the initial phase, the script will just be a shallow front-end for an existing program which will do all the heavy lifting. With that in mind, a dedicated shell scripting language like bash would seem more fitting. I’m expecting to eventually integrate more logic into the script itself over time, which most likely will make bash or similar an unfitting choice in the long run

My immediate contestants are

🟣 Babashka – A clojure variant that emphasize on scripting.

🔵 DCli – A dart library for making cli’s.

🟢 Shellout – A library adding shell operations to Gleam.

I have next to nothing experience in these languages, but I guess this would be a fine opportunity to learn one of them. Actually I had a fourth contestant, but I dont know OCaml and its documentation was just to sparse for me to evaluate if this was any good or not

🔴 Shexp

I’m in doubt which language I should pick up. If I had time for it, I would try them all and compare, but unfortunately I do not 🤷‍♀️ Any suggestions on which would be the better choice?


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